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Porches Decks Chicago

Porches Decks Chicago

General Contractors Illinois INC, is your expert in construction and installation of all types of porches and decks. We are a small company based in Chicago, which have gained experience and respect over the years due to our quality work and professional services.

General Contractors Illinois INC, is serving all the Chicago land area clients as well as the suburban area ones. We provide several services that include porches and decks inhalations to residential and businesses properties. We have a team of qualified workers that will be on the job site and also a site manager and an architect that are in charge to follow up with the work every day and make sure that the team respects the design, the plan and everything that our clients asked for.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call right away! Our designers and team of architects will help you with choosing the best design that fits all your needs, they will help you with all the plans and the estimated work time and pricing as well.

You don’t have to worry about anything! We take care of the work, we supervise the progress, we make sure everyone sticks to the plans we all agreed on. General Contractors Illinois INC, will provide you a contract and a copy of our company liability insurance before starting the actual work, just for you to have peace of mind and know that your construction and installation of new porches or decks is in good hands.

Having a new porch or a new deck is one of the best home improvements one can have. Depending on what type of porch you choose to have installed or how much space you have for your new deck, any of them can become a beautiful extension to your house. Covered, closed or opened, a deck or a big enough porch can become the place where you hang out with your family and friends for a barbeque, a gathering or even a party.

Us at General Contractors Illinois INC, are specialized in high quality and custom porch and deck design and installation. We also provide design and installation services for gazebos, pergolas, wood awnings and a variety of other remodeling projects. Our years of hard working gave us the experience we need to provide superior quality service, maintain efficient production schedules and remain valuable so that the warranties we offer have true lasting value.

We also specialized in City of Chicago Porch Violations corrections. So if you have any problems with your existing porches give us a call and we will show up in time for the scheduled appointment to inspect the work that needs to be done. As soon as we figure out what the problems are, we will provide you a contract and a copy of our business liability insurance and start fixing those issues right away. We guarantee you will pass the next inspection without problems!

Call us today orfill in the form on our website to have a free consultation with one of our Chicago porch and deck construction experts.

For more information contact GC Illinois Local (312) 533-6033 or  Toll Free (800) 815-3545