Stucco Services Chicago

Stucco Services Chicago

General Contractors Illinois INC, is an experienced contractor working with American/European Stucco for residential and commercial constructions. We serve the whole Chicago land area including the suburbs. In our many years of experience we completed many of Chicago’s stucco construction projects ragging from stucco commercial buildings to custom homes.


We offer a wide range of stucco services from minor repairs to extensive restorations, expert texture and color matching or coats for bricks and masonry. Our team of specialists can complete professional stucco finish or special restoration, remodeling or additions to an existing construction or new constructions.


  • Sealing of windows and doors
  • Sealing of termination points
  • Cut back and seal to foundation for moisture proofing
  • Installation of proper kick-out/water diverter flashing
  • Repair bulges
  • Repair cracks, de-lamination
  • Stucco repair
  • E.I.F.S repair
  • Synthetic EIFS removal and replacement with real hard-coat stucco
  • Dryvit repair
  • Caulking replacement

For more information contact GC Illinois Local 312-533-6033 or  Toll Free 800-815-3545